ehh random huge art post reference stylesheets for various eras please excuse any inaccuracies c:

Yes.  Yes, I can.  And while I won’t say that this is the worst “reference” set I’ve seen, I still would never trust anyone who claims that the baroque period went from 1600 to 1800… or that the Directoire and Empire lasted until 1900 -___-  (The baroque aesthetic dominated the entirety of the 1600s— though it still evolved during the period— and, depending on who you talk to, it gave way to the rococo some time during the 1720s-30s.  The rococo peaked and ended during the 1760s.  The dates for the Directoire and Empire are also incorrect.  The  Directoire went from 1795 to 1799, and the Consulate and Empire lasted from 1800 to 1815, but these terms apply only to France.)

If you want reference images that really cover an extensive period, then you want The Complete Costume History by Auguste Racinet.  The contents, as listed on Amazon, include:

Part I: The Ancient World (Egypt, Assyria, Israel, Persia and Phrygia, Greece, Etruscan, Greco-Roman, Rome, Barbarian Europe, Celts and Gauls); Part II: The 19th Century - Beyond the Borders of Europe (Oceania, Africa, Eskimos, North American Indians, Mexican Indians, South American Indians, China, Japan, India, Ceylon, Middle East, Orient, Turkey); Part III: Europe 400-1800 (Byzantium, France-Byzantine, Poland, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, England, Holland); Part IV: Traditional Costume Till the Late 19th Century (Scandinavia, Holland, Scotland, England, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France); Part V: Patterns and Templates

This book weighs a ton, but it’s well worth every penny, since it actually goes beyond typical European clothing— there’s a lot on other cultures as well as European folk costumes.  However, it doesn’t cover anything beyond ~1810 (although finding reference material for nineteenth century fashion is very easy, so I don’t consider this a problem).

And the best thing is that you can browse the whole thing online at!  Here are the links to all five volumes of the German edition:

If any of the links are broken, let me know.

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Best $1.85 I have ever spent.

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Tutorial: Choosing Interesting Colors by PurpleKecleon

Watch Mel Herring’s (PurpleKecleon) full tutorial on choosing interesting colors HERE. She takes you through her entire process of this piece while talking about how to choose colors to create harmony in your piece!

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